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Thank you for visiting the New York City Transit Riders Council webpage. This page is designed for you to learn about the NYCTRC and learn how to get involved. New York City Transit trains and buses provide nearly 8 million rides on an average weekday over 24 subway lines and 224 bus routes. With an ever increasing number riders choosing to use subways and buses, it is even more important to ensure their voices are heard.


The Transit Riders Council seeks to improve conditions of your everyday ride to make your day-to-day experience better. We are also focused on the need to serve new markets and unmet demands within the City and the importance of increasing the system’s efficiency to provide better service.

What we do:

  • Advocate for and understand the importance of more accurate information. Implementing new technology can improve rider communications and make the transit experience more enjoyable.
  • Advocate for making all information more understandable. Visualizing data can help can make complicated systems easier to understand.
  • Advocate for better transit access. The Council supports the concept of a Freedom Ticket, which would allow riders to use any MTA service that best suits their trip within New York City, whether bus, subway, or commuter rail. This would not only take advantage of underused resources, but also improve service for people within the City, particularly in parts of the City that are currently underserved.

The NYCTRC is also proud of its history of research reports, the most recent of which is entitled Freedom Ticket: Southeast Queens Proof of Concept. You can find this and all of our previous reports in the Reports section.

Thank you for your interest in the New York City Transit Riders Council. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Andrew Albert
Chair – New York City Transit Riders Council

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