MTA Releases 2010-2014 Capital Plan


capital-planMTA has just released its  proposed capital program for 2010-2014 along with its 20-year capital needs assessment.  The documents are available on-line.   The MTA is showing  an estimated $28 billion in project costs and only $18.2 billion in available funding for the next capital program.  PCAC rider councils (LIRR, MNRCC, NYCTRC) will be reviewing the details of the plan in the coming month and making comments.  The public is invited to submit comments on the MTA website.

PCAC was greatly disturbed by this “soft release” with no prior notice.  It is a significant break from past procedure whereby the capital plan is offered publically at an MTA Board meeting with commentary.  In a letter to Governor Paterson the PCAC expressed its concern:  “To release this document without a public presentation fails to acknowledge the importance of this Capital Program to the MTA system, the riders whom it serves, and the region and State.”