MNRCC holds “listening session” in Garrison


On Wednesday, September 21st, MNRCC Putnam County member Neal Zuckerman hosted a “listening” meeting for MNR riders in the Village of Garrison. Similar to a meeting held in Cold Spring in March, riders were invited to come and air their issues, concerns and suggestions. The meeting in Garrison was held at the Garrison Art Center, adjacent to the station, from 6:30-8:00 pm. Although turnout was light, several points were brought up: elevator maintenance, overcrowding on trains since the service cuts and the desire to work closer with MNR on Getaway packages. Mr. Zuckerman has promised to hold a listening session at the other full-time MNR stations in Putnam County –Southeast, Patterson and Brewster — in order to better serve the riders as their representative on the MNRCC.