LIRRCC elects new Chair


At the May monthly meeting, the LIRRCC elected Mark Epstein from Suffolk County as Chair.  He replaces Maureen Michaels, also from Suffolk County.  Matt Kessler, Brooklyn Borough representative, was elected as Vice Chair, taking over for Gerry Bringmann of Patchogue.  The Council Chair and Vice Chair serve for a two-year term.

Also at the meeting, the Council heard from Jim Compton, LIRR General Manager, Customer Revenue and Technology, who spoke about fare collection issues.  The Council has been complaining for some time that fare collection has been lax on certain branches and was particularly disturbed by the new shortened 14-day ticket validity period as a means to offset tickets not being collected.  Mr. Compton explained that he has been tasked with implementing improved fare policies.  This will involve working with conductors to instill fare collection as a corporate value at LIRR.  In addition, MTA Audit Services will conduct a spotter program.