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I’d like to welcome you to the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council webpage.

The MNRCC is dedicated to improving the Metro-North rider experience while encouraging the railroad to ensure safe, regular, reliable service that will allow Metro-North ridership to grow.  We are focused on the infrastructure needs of the MTA system, the need to have strong management in place, and the importance of making a strong case for capital investment to meet these infrastructure needs. The MNRCC stresses the need for communication with the community to build support for public investment in Metro-North and the MTA system as a whole.

Throughout the year, the MNRCC holds regular public meetings as well as Meet the Commuter Council events in Grand Central Terminal, which are an excellent way of learning what is on the minds of our fellow riders. At this year’s event issues of operations and safety were high on the minds of riders.

See you on the train!

Randy Glucksman
Chair – Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council

The Mission of the Metro-North Railroad Commuter Council is to:

  • To give riders of Metro-North Railroad an effective voice in the formulation and implementation of the Railroad’s policies
  • To provide Metro-North Railroad management and the MTA Board with informed and timely advice on service, finance, intergovernmental relations, and management
  • To hold Metro-North Railroad management accountable to the users of its services

The goals of the MNRCC are:

  • To secure the delivery of Metro-North Railroad service that is customer friendly and meets the need of riders in terms of quality and quantity
  • To insure the maintenance and timely upgrading of Metro-North Railroad facilities including stations, rolling stock and line infrastructure

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