The Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council (LIRRCC) was created by the New York State Legislature in 1981 to represent the official voice of Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)riders. Our 12 volunteer members are appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Nassau and Suffolk County Executives, and the Brooklyn and Queens Borough Presidents.

The 12 members of the LIRRCC are appointed as follows:

No. of Members Recommended By
5 Nassau County Executive
5 Suffolk County Executive
1 Brooklyn Borough President
1 Queens Borough President
12 Total LIRRCC Membership


The LIRRCC seeks to study and investigate all aspects of the day to day operation of the LIRR, monitor its performance and make recommendations with respect to the maintenance, fares, and improvements to the efficiency of LIRR operation. The LIRRCC also seeks to study and investigate methods for promoting the use of public transportation in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.