PCAC Statement – August 20, 2021 – Congestion Pricing is on the Right Track


“Congestion pricing is one of the top priorities for the New York City region and its transit riders, and today we’re a major step closer to having it become a reality. The money that the tolling will bring in will fund modern signals, accessible stations, new buses and train cars, and a more resilient system that can bear the force of weather. In short, we’re one step closer to finally seeing the 21st-century transit system our 21st-century region and its riders deserve. We’ll also benefit from cleaner air and less clogged streets, both key considerations in passing the legislation that made this day possible.

“The robust public outreach plan announced by the MTA and its partners will allow everyone to have their say, whether they like congestion pricing or not. While 16 months may seem like an eternity, our region is leading the way with this first in the nation program and it’s important to get it right and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We’re thrilled to see the congestion pricing process get rolling: it’s great for the region and great for riders.”

Download Statement Here: PCAC Statement on Congestion Pricing 8.20.2021