NYCTRC Testimony – June 24, 2019 – Transit Improvements


Good Morning, I am Lisa Daglian, Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA.  As Advisors to the MTA on behalf of its riders, we would like to commend President Byford and his team for the continued upturn in the subway system’s performance.  We have seen sustained improvements since January 2018, when there were a staggering 105 major delays. While major delays are now in the very low 50s and mind you transit acknowledges this is still far too many, they are showing us clearly, in the Subway dashboard, that the positive trend lines are becoming more solid with each passing month.

This is happening thanks to the Governors Subway Action Plan and Transit’s Save Safe Seconds program.  While we know quite a lot about the Subway Action Plan, we believe it would be valuable, for riders and all stakeholders, to have a better understanding of the very exciting Save Safe Seconds plan and its more specific accomplishment to date. The Save Safe Seconds Campaign led to the creation of Transits SPEED unit, and clearly they are having success.

We  feel the outcomes but we don’t know how the sausage gets made…have heard anecdotal information in terms of actions that have been taken, such as terminal operations, the recalibration of the timers and changes in speed, but the actual program has not been fully articulated up to now.

We feel the time has come to shed greater light on the Save Safe Seconds Campaign, which is partner to the Subway Action Plan, with both bringing us the improvements we are seeing today.

Thank you.

Download here: 6.24.19 Transit Testimony