MNRCC Statement – July 24, 2017 – Suffern Station


Statement by Orrin Getz, MNRCC, Regarding WOH
Suffern Station Accessibility
MNR Committee Meeting, Board Room, MTA Headquarters,
2 Broadway, New York

Monday, July 24, 2017

Good Morning, My name is Orrin Getz; I am here to speak about the fact that the Suffern station on the Port Jervis Line is not ADA accessible

We need to make the Suffern station accessible for people with disabilities. New Jersey Transit, who owns the Suffern station, does not believe it needs to be accessible since the Route 17-Ramsey station is fully accessible and relatively close by. Since Rockland County paratransit service cannot cross the New York State line to serve the Ramsey station, it is imperative that the Suffern station be made fully accessible.

In addition, the Suffern station is very run down and needs to be fixed up. The best way to fix the station up and make it accessible is to buy the station and the station grounds from New Jersey Transit and operate it on their behalf. The purchase could be an outright sale or lease it with an option to buy.

Download here: 072417 MNRCC WOH Suffern station