LIRRCC Testimony – June 22, 2020 – Mark Epstein Passing


LIRRCC Mark Epstein Testimony

June 22, 2020 (June 24, 2020 Board Meeting)

Hello, my name is Gerard Bringmann, and I am the Vice Chair of the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council, LIRRCC.

As you have probably heard, Mark Epstein, chair of LIRRCC, passed away last week. A member of the Council since 2009, Mark made all riders’ issues his issues.

As Chair of the Long Island Rail Road Commuter Council, Mark worked to improve the commute for his neighbors throughout Long Island. He focused on issues that riders cared about deeply, ranging from on time performance, to parking, to safety, about which he cared deeply. He was extremely active in his community and was always meeting with elected officials to present his unique perspective as a rider and commuter, and to call for improvements.

Mark rode the LIRR regularly and everything he spoke about was from that perspective: simply, he represented riders passionately because he was one. He will be missed.

In the coming weeks, we will elect a new chair. The Council will continue Mark’s legacy and continue to be advocates for riders, while working closely with the LIRR to address issues that affect all of us. Thank you.

Download here: 6.22.20 LIRRCC Bringmann testimony