Annual Assessments

2010 MTA Annual Performance Review PDF : The 2010 Annual Performance Review marks the fourth report by PCAC which evaluates the yearly initiatives and accomplishments of the MTA and its operating agencies.

2009 MTA Annual Performance Review PDF : This report addresses a number of broad themes such as leadership, transparency, organizational structure, service performance, communication, and accessibility.

2008 MTA Annual Performance Review PDF : Despite many achievements, PCAC feels that there are still critical issues that have not yet been adequately addressed by the MTA leadership. There has also not been the level of interaction with advocacy groups anticipated when Mr. Sander first took his position.

2007 MTA Annual Performance Review PDF : The MTA has made strides in promoting a more open MTA organization. Steps taken this year to improve access to the MTA include an increased number of public hearings, better public hearing venues, improved presentations, an interactive “Fare Forum” public workshop, and a first “Webinar” focusing on the fare increase.