0 Let’s Move Forward on Improving MTA Accessibility for Everyone

The MTA and NYC Transit’s ability to side-step federal ADA regulations has continued to marginalize the disability community. The ADA community’s impassioned voices were rightfully heard at recent MTA Board meetings calling for a better Access-A-Ride program and overall system accessibility.

0 Greater Midtown East Rezoning: Moves in the Right Direction for Transit

On August 9, New York City’s City Council approved the Greater Midtown East Rezoning. In a reassuring collaboration between the City’s Department of City Planning (DCP), Department of Transportation (DOT), and the state-run MTA, the rezoning shows a rare coming together in politics and policy between City and State. While the rezoning will help provide infrastructure improvement, there is still the question of ongoing maintenance funding that the impacted stations will require with additional use.

0 The Complicated Progression of CBTC

Possibly the most limiting factor to any improvements in the system, though, more than complexity and money, is the very thing that makes the New York City subway so unique: 24-hour service.

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